Friday, July 10, 2020


“Hold firmly the message of life….” Philippians 2:16

Education contact: Matt Monk

 There is a Sunday school for the study of God’s Word divided into departments and classes for all ages. Sunday school is held each Sunday morning at 9:45 AM. The purpose of Sunday school is to teach the Bible and minister to prospects and members of the church. It is our belief that this small group ministry is vital to encourage all to study and apply God's word in worship, witnessing, ministry. and all daily interactions of everyday life. The classes we currently offer are:


Class Location Teacher
Infants Nursery Main Bldg Rm 106
Brian Barnett & Stephanie Ragland
Matt & Chelsea Phillips
Toddlers Class (18 month - 2 years) Main Bldg Rm 111
Caryn Brooks & Brooke Coker
Linda Bode & Margaret Fuqua
Pre-School Class (3 - 4 years) Education Bldg Rm 206
Jeff & Rachel Pace
Julie Sims
K-5 Class Education Bldg Rm 205
Aubrey Forrest & Sherri Harris
Julie Sims
1st Grade Class Education Bldg Rm 212
Jane Owenby & Teresa Gossett
Lee & Viki Pate
2nd Grade Class Education Bldg Rm 211
Lisa Sims & Melinda Claiborne
Karen Holsomback
3rd Grade Class Education Bldg Rm 207
Annette Beyler
Bobbie Carter
4th Grade Class Education Bldg Rm 204
Jennifer Riddle & Rhonda Ward
Morissa Fancher
5th Grade Class Education Bldg Rm 203 Terri McGaughy & Donna Ferrell
Youth Girls, 6-8th Grade Youth House Stephanie Brown
Youth Boys, 6-8th Grade Youth House David Manning
Youth Boys & Girls, 9-12th Grade Youth House Mike & Ann Jay Harrison
College Class Youth House Kimberly Tanner
Career Class Main Bldg Rm 116 Rusty Tanner
Young Adults Class Main Bldg Rm 122 Dwight & Krista Barrows
Young Married I Education Bldg 210 Jay & Cheryl Cofield
Young Married II (Greenroom) Main Bldg Rm 124 Keith & Katrina Brown
Friendship Class Main Bldg Rm 123 Reba Hatcher, Teresa Sims & Don Shadix
Ladies Class Main Bldg Rm 118
Lynn Mays
Jennie Carter & Rita Miller
Men's Class Main Bldg Rm 117 Bob Emrick
Open Door Class Education Bldg 216 Melissa Calton
Senior Adults Class Main Bldg Rm 102 Dave Bachelor, Richard McCoy & Charles Devore


It is our goal to provide a class for every person who attends or visits Community Baptist Church. If you would like more information on any of these classes please contact me at 205-368-8785 or e-mail me at 

Yours in Christ,
Matt Monk, Education Minister



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Phone: 205-664-1675